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Effectively prevent chapped lips

BeachFlow Lip Pleaser helps your lips remain plump and moisturized with daily use.


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Introducing BeachFlow Lip Pleaser

For those that suffer from severely chapped lips, our natural formula liquid roll-on can help. BeachFlow Lip Pleaser is made from organic essential and extract oils and comes in eco-friendly bottles.

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Prevents chapped lips with daily use, ensuring they remain plump and moisturized.

organic lip please formula


BeachFlow Lip Pleaser formula is free from PFAS and palm oil, which is bad for the environment.

organic lip please formula


Also has a remarkable effect on nails, maintaining their moisture, smoothness and shine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BeachFlow Lip Pleaser environmentally friendly?
BeachFlow Lip Pleaser contains no PFAS or palm oil and is packaged in eco-friendly bottles.

Does BeachFlow Lip Pleaser melt?
Our formula is designed not to melt, even when left in your vehicle.

Where can I purchase BeachFlow Lip Pleaser?
BeachFlow Lip Pleaser will be available soon for pre-orders on this website. Check back soon for our launch. Subscribe to our emails below for product launch announcements and other BeachFlow news!

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